Hi I’m Lord

About Lord

It will remain one of life’s saddest mysteries how the cutest dogs end up in a shelter. Please meet Lord. He’s young – maybe only 2/3 years old and weighs around 12 kilos. He’s full of beans, great with children, has a very happy nature and is fun to be around.

Lord gets on with calm cats and most dogs but must have had some bad experiences from bigger dogs as sometimes when he meets one he just goes loopy!

We know for sure that Lord is a Spaniel / Setter mix as we’ve kindly been sponsored by Wisdom Panel and his DNA results are in!

Whatever the mix, he’s a little star and will be sure to make a lucky family very happy.

Lord’s information:

Age: 2 - 3 years old
Breed: Spaniel / Setter Mix
Sex: Male

I’m a little cutie who dreams of finding my very own family. I love children and treat most cats with respect but big, bouncy dogs bring out my crazy side.