Hi I’m Louis

About Louis

Louis has the gentlest temperament and lives for cuddles. He’s been at the shelter for some time now and is probably overlooked just because of his size. He’s around 24 kilos – full of energy but we’re sure in  experienced hands he will be easy to train as he just wants to please.

Louis gets on well with all the other dogs and is fine around the shelter cats but the hunting  instinct might need to be worked on with neighbourhood cats.

We believe Louis will thrive with an active family living in the countryside.

Louis’s information:

Age: 5 years old
Breed: Pointer
Sex: Male

I’m a sweet gentle boy and I dream of finding a kind family who will teach me how to be the best boy ever. I’m so happy for my shelter friends when they get adopted, the ladies here are lovely, but I’ve waited a very long time now and would love a family to call my own.