Hi I’m Mania

About Mania

Mania is our Black Beauty and wonderful girl who has grown from a cute puppy to a beautiful young lady before our eyes!

We’ve no idea what kind of life Mania had before we found her tied up outside the shelter over a year ago – she was just a little pup and we couldn’t imagine how anyone could have dumped her in that way. The shelter is no place for a puppy, but somehow, Mania has grown up apparently undamaged. She is now a well-balanced 1.5 year old, weighing 23 kilos. She’s extremely beautiful and has a wonderful character, thriving with all the other dogs!

Sadly, black dog often are overlooked at shelters, and it’s certainly the case here too. We hope that Mania will be lucky and that a loving family will fall for our black beauty.


Mania’s information:

Age: 1.5 years old
Breed: Adorable mixed 
Sex: Female

I love all other dogs and would love α family of my very own.