Hi I’m Marilyn

About Marilyn

Marilyn is a wonderful, slightly older lady, who is still going strong. Even though she’s 8-9 years old, she has plenty of energy and would love to live in the countryside, go for long walks and run happily in a fenced garden.
Sweet Marilyn was recently brought to the shelter by a man who was eager to get rid of her as he maintained that Marilyn had chased his sheep. So we are aware of that she has a high hunting instinct and even though she is fine with the shelter cats, we don’t think she should live with them. She was left along with another female dog, Shirley, but we don’t know if they’ve lived together or not. Maybe they are sisters or maybe Marilyn is Shirley’s mum.
Marilyn thrives with the other dogs at the shelter. She’s also very kind towards people and loves cuddles and attention. Since she’s so friendly and kind, we believe she can live with kids who’ve been raised to respect animals.
Marilyn is neutered and weighs about 19 kilos. We have no idea if she has ever lived inside a house, so her future family will need to be patient and help her learn.
Even though she is a bit older, Marilyn is a very alert lady with a lot of love to give her future family. If she’s given support, love and time, we’re sure she’ll be a real treasure for her family.
She needs a home where she can spend her “golden years”! A home with a warm bed, tasty food and a lot of love- that’s what she deserves!

Marilyn’s information:

Age: 8/9
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I’m a friendly senior lady with so much love to give. They say I’m a real treasure and will be a perfect addition to any family willing to support me in my golden years.