Hi I’m Marina (& Sirilo)

About Marina (& Sirilo)

Marina is 8 years old and her son Sirilo is 7, and they have spent their entire lives together. So we would prefer not to separate them and would love to re-home them together. They are the sweetest pair, who definitely did not deserve to be abandoned in their golden years. They are calm senior dogs that are excellent with people – kids and adults alike – and they are very good with other dogs, but no cats please! We truly hope that they will find a calm and loving home to help them forget the disappointment they experienced.

Marina arrived at the shelter with her son last August. Their owner surrendered them – and it was the saddest thing to see. We’re used to finding dogs dumped outside the shelter when we arrive there – and seeing their tails wag to greet us. To see the confusion in their eyes when she put them in cage and walked away…… our hearts sunk and we could suddenly imagine that pain every dog feels during that moment of departure.


Marina (& Sirilo)’s information:

Age: 8 years old
Breed: Labrador mix
Sex: Female

I am a very easy girl, gentle and loving and get on great with everyone, adults, children and other dogs but I don’t like cats.