Hi I’m Martin

About Martin

Sadly, Martin’s health is deteriorating rapidly and we don’t feel he will be well enough to make the long jourmey to the UK. Instead, he will live out his twilight years in foster on Lemnos.
If you would like to sponsor Martin so that we can provide him some better quality food and supplements and pain relief for his arthritis then please kindly contact: fiona@starlightbarking.co.uk
Martin’s Story
Martin is our handsome, black, senior boy, who has been with us at the shelter for more than 5 years now. It’s so sad that this good boy has spent so many years in a cage, it breaks our hearts.
Martin is about 10 years old and he’s a big boy, weighing about 30 kilos.
His story is sadly a common one – we found him tied outside the shelter when we arrived one morning. The look of devastation and confusion on his face was difficult to forget – as too was his relieved expression and wagging tail when we gave him a cuddle. Let’s be honest….. Martin doesn’t have luck on his side…… big, black and older…. Not exactly what tops most people’s wish lists when seeking a dog. He’s also as strong as an ox and very dominant when it comes to other male dogs. So he is best suited to a very experienced owner. When it comes to people, Martin is like a big mushy puppy who just loves everyone and is very generous with kisses! He’s also good with female dogs.
So our Martin isn’t the easiest ‘sale’, but he’s a devoted and loving boy, and we really do hope that there is a dream home for him out there. We would love to see him with a warm bed and a female dog companion and lots of people to adore! He really really deserves it!

Martin’s information:

Age: 10 years
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male

At last I got out of my cage but I’m no longer the dog I once was and my health is fading fast. I’m being fostered on the island of Lemnos and will live out my twilight years being loved. My bones are very achey and I’m in need of some better food and pain relief.
If you would like to help sponsor my final years then please kindly contact: fiona@starlightbarking.co.uk

Thank you. Love Martin xxx