Hi I’m Maximus

About Maximus

When handsome Maximus arrived at the shelter we were certain that he came from a home, as he was in good condition with beautiful clean fur. At first, he was confused and unhappy with us and had no interest in being with the other dogs. But now, he’s slowly grown used to the other dogs around him and has even made friends with one, Enzo, who he loves to play with. So we believe that with a careful and patient introduction, Maximus can live with another dog.
He would also certainly be more than happy to be the only dog in a home and get full attention from “his family” – because Maximus adores people. He wants love and cuddles all the time! Small people are awesome too – yes, Maximus loves the kids he has met and would surely thrive with a family where the kids have been brought up to respect dogs.
Maximus is a small-medium sized dog, weighing about 13 kilos, but needs to gain some weight. He’s about 2 years old.
He has a normal activity level for a young dog and will need a daily dose of physical and mental training. He enjoys long walks.
Although Maximus is an adult dog and perhaps has lived inside before, we believe he will need to learn again about life in a home. Patience is always key when adopting a former stray. Maximus is a dog that needs human contact and if he gets that he will be a wonderful new family member for the right family.

Maximus’s information:

Age: 2 years
Breed: Labrador Mix
Sex: Male

I’m a handsome young boy who just wants cuddles and attention. I think I would prefer to be an only dog because I will love my family sooo much that I might not want to share them. But if it were a kind resident dog like my shelter friend Enzo, who is also looking for a home, then I’m sure I could be taught to share my family!