Hi I’m Maybelline

About Maybelline

Sweet Maybelline had a very tough start to life. She and her mother, Carmen, and three siblings were rescued from an horrendous farm where all mums were chained 24/7.

They’re safe now in the shelter but it’s no place to grow up.

Maybelline is ready for adoption now and our little princess hopes she won’t have to wait too long. She’s a real cutie and despite her past she’s a brave, forward and social puppy, full of joy for life.

Maybelline’s information:

Age: 3 months
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

They say I’m real cutie and I think they must be right! I had a rotten start in life but am ready to be someone’s gorgeous girl and love them with all my might. Maybe you’re reading this and could be that someone. I hope so! But if it’s not me…..then my brothers and sisters are also dreaming of finding love.