Hi I’m Melenios

About Melenios

These cute brothers, Ferrero and Melenios, are about 5 months old and were recently dumped outside the shelter. A shelter is not a good place for a puppy, so we hope that they will soon get great homes and leave here.

Melenios is the most outgoing of the brothers whilst Ferrero is more cautious and need a lot of time. Ferrero is the dark brown puppy and Melenios the light brown / red puppy. We know nothing about the puppies’ background, so they need to be adopted by families who have time for them and are willing to teach them everything about life and who understand that they will need encouragement and support in new situations.

They are probably some kind of hunting dog mix, so they need active families who are ready to stimulate that kind of dog. As adults, they will probably be of medium size – maybe 15 – 18 kg – but it is always difficult to predict. With these puppies, it is extra important to give them all the time they need to be safe and happy in their new lives!

Melenios’s information:

Age: 5 months old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male

We’d be happy in a home with other dogs, but haven’t met a cat yet, so we don’t know if we like them!