Hi I’m Oceania

About Oceania

Our beautiful diva, Oceania, was  dumped outside the shelter this summer. As usual, we have no idea about her past or why she has been abandoned. We just know her from the shelter, and here is a beautiful, friendly and mature lady who looks to be some kind of Husky/Shepherd mix.

Life at the shelter with all the dogs is quite overwhelming for Oceania, so we assume that she is not used to having so many other dogs around her.  She prefers to be with the calmer dogs at the shelter and seems to want to play with them, but does not really know how – maybe she’s not used to doggy company. She finds the puppies’ crazy play a bit too much, so a dog companion in her future home should be a calm one.

Oceania meets cats at the shelter and she does not seem to mind them. She is great with the kids she has met at the shelter and they love her! So we could see her in a home with older children who would respect the boundaries of a dog with a broken past.

We imagine the perfect home for Oceania being a calm, countryside one. She has a medium activity and would love a garden to potter around in.

Her future home must understand that it will take some time for her to adapt and come to rest in her new home. But with time, patience and love, we are convinced that she will be a wonderful family member.

Even though Oceania is an adult dog, her future home must be prepared to start all training from the beginning, just as if she were a little puppy. She needs to learn to walk nicely on a leash, be room clean, be alone at home and much more.

Oceania’s information:

Age: 7 years old
Breed: Husky/Shepherd Mix
Sex: Female

I’m a very soft girl who dreams of finding a kind home with my own family to love me. I will become the most loyal dog you can imagine.