Hi I’m Paloma


About Paloma

This little beauty is Paloma, one of the 9 puppies recently dumped outside the shelter. As so often, we know nothing about their history before their arrival.

Paloma is a typically happy pup, who loves to play with her siblings. She has met cats and the other dogs with no issue. We believe they are some kind of farming/herding dog mix, so are likely better matched to a house with a garden.

Paloma is circa 3 months old, and it’s estimated that she will weigh circa 25 kilos as an adult. No guarantees of course!

As a puppy, her future family need to start everything from the beginning in terms of toilet training and other basic commands, and they need to be ready for sleepless nights, pee everywhere and general puppy destruction. She is a wonderful little girl, and we’re sure she’ll make a lucky family so happy!

Paloma’s information:

Age: 3 months old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female