Hi I’m Patricia

About Patricia

Sweet Patricia recently arrived at the shelter. The dog catcher brought her here, but it’s obvious that she’s had an owner. But this owner hasn’t cared for her in a proper way, that’s for sure. She arrived with a dirty, old collar that was far too tight. So we believe she was chained somewhere and maybe managed to get away.
She isn’t chipped and no one has come looking for her, so now she’s safe with us. But of course we’d love her to be adopted soon.
Patricia is a very happy, friendly and sweet girl who loves cuddles and she really wants to be close to humans.
She gets along well with the other dogs at the shelter and she’s also kind to the shelter cats.
If there are children in a future home they should be a bit older
We think Patricia would thrive best in rural areas.
We don’t know anything about her past and have no idea if she has ever lived indoors, so her future family will need to help her understand what it’s like to live as a family dog.
This lovely girl is neutered, weighs 18 kilos and is about 5 years old.

Patricia’s information:

Age: 5 years
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I’m a friendly, happy girl who gets on with everyone.