Hi I’m Peabo


About Peabo

Peabo was a tiny puppy when he was dumped at Lemnos Shelter with his 7 siblings in the summer of 2021. At 4 months of age all the pups were successfully adopted in the UK and Sweden.

Peabo was doing well with his training but sadly during that important puppy socialization period he was attacked by another dog which has made him anxious in new situations.

Peabo is a cuddly, loving, bundle of joy when at home with his owners and with consistent training his general obedience has improved.

However, Peabo can quickly become extremely overwhelmed if the situations he finds are scary (people coming into the home or going inside new places, especially if new people) aren’t managed well and he can make all the ‘wrong’ choices.

Peabo needs a home with experienced dog owners who can continue with his training. With patience Peabo can just as quickly ‘fall in love’ with new people he would have found extremely scary if the introduction had been poorly managed.

His owners have done everything possible with behaviourists and are heartbroken but have made the decision that Peabo needs to mature in a calmer environment without young children in the mix.

Peabo will remain with them until we can find that perfect home which we know is out there.

If you know of that perfect family for Peabo please contact: fiona@starlightbarking.co.uk for more information about the adoption process.

Peabo’s information:

Age: 2 years
Breed: Setter/Pointer Cross
Sex: Male

I’m a very sweet, loving dog that had a bad experience as a puppy which has left me anxious about new situations. I love my mum and dad and don’t want to leave them but they think I would be happier living in calm home without children.