Hi I’m Poseidon


About Poseidon

Handsome Poseidon is not just a looker, he’s an academic too. Apparently, this good boy is super interested in the history of Lemnos and was hanging out at the archaeological ruin of Kaveiria. Thankfully, an animal lover works there and alerted us of his plight – and needless to say he wasn’t chipped and no one responded to our posts about his discovery. Maybe he was dumped, maybe he’s unwanted, but WE want him and he’s safe at the shelter now.

Our vet estimates Poseidon to be 3 years old and he weighs 26 kilos now. But he’s a little thin and we believe he should be at least 30 kilos. As from being a little under weight, he passed his health check with flying colours and is also sterilised now. So all he needs is a loving home!

Poseidon has an amazing, friendly character, who loves to be with people. He’s excellent with the female dogs at the shelter and could certainly live with a female. He’s not crazy about other males and would need some training in meeting males when out and about. As for cats, they must die! No way can he share his home with a cat – snacks on legs in his eyes.

Poseidon is a very, very active dog who needs a family that have experience with large, clever breeds like him (preferably experience with German Shepherd types) and know how to stimulate him mentally and physically. He is a very kind boy – not aggressive at all – but due to his size and strength, we believe he shouldn’t live with little kids.

As with almost all our dogs, we’ve no idea what happened in Poseidon’s life before he took a fancy to archaeology. This means his future family need to expect to start with all training from the beginning as one would with a little puppy – toilet training, walking on a lead, alone home training – he’ll need it all! But we are sure that he’s a wonderful boy, that will bloom in the heart of the right family.

Poseidon’s information:

Age: 3 years old
Breed: German Shepherd mixed
Sex: Male

I’m a sweet, handsome boy who just knows that my forever family is out there, ready for me! I love hanging out with people. I’m great with female dogs too and would happily live with one, but I’m not very sure about male dogs yet, and definitely no cats! I think they’re just for chasing!