Hi I’m Radou


About Radou

Radou came to the shelter as a sweet but somewhat shy 1 year old over four years ago. As is the fate so often for black dogs, he didn’t attract attention from adopters on his arrival. And four years in a cage is NOT a positive thing for a dog, so he became more shy and withdrawn. Although we do our best at Lemnos shelter, the dogs live in their cages 24/7, only getting to socialize with each other and with people when we volunteers can visit. This means that Rado has not experienced much.

After a lot work and patience, we’ve been repaid by seeing Radou growing in confidence. Now, he wags his tail and comes looking for cuddles, independently seeking contact with us and with other people who come to the shelter. And this is something very new. He has also become brave enough to join the other dogs when we take walks on a lead outside of the shelter.

Radou is an extremely gentle dog, very cooperative with the other dogs to the shelter and even kind to the shelter cats. He needs a super loving and patient family that live outside of the city, and have a secure garden that he can explore before venturing on walks in the bigger world outside. And the family will be repaid a thousand times over with a loving and loyal boy. He’d love to live with a secure dog that will help him learn that the world is not a scary place after all.

Radou is 5 years old, and weighs approximately 18 kg. Can you help him by sharing his story?

Radou’s information:

Age: 5 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male

I love other dogs and even cats! I’d love to live with another dog that can show me that the world is not a scary place.