Hi I’m Rea

About Rea

Rea’s previous owner dumped her recently at the shelter, because he thought she was too old and he did not want her anymore. At 11 years old, she had been a good hunting dog and served him well, but when she was no longer quite as good, he got rid of her! Poor Rea was completely confused at first and did not understand what happened.

When she came to the shelter, she was very thin and in quite a bad condition, but has now recovered nicely and settled in well. Today, she weighs 14 kilos so she is a petite girl. She loves people, the other dogs and has even gotten used to the shelter’s cats. She really is a fantastic dog; very kind and with a wonderful character. Rea really loves everything and everyone!

Even though Rea is a mature lady, she has a lot of energy and would thrive best in a slightly more rural home. She would love to accompany you on long walks.

Due to her age, her sight has somewhat deteriorated, but it’s nothing that stops her!

Rea really deserves to come to someone who can offer her a home where she can enjoy her golden years in security and love.

Rea’s information:

Age: 10 years old
Breed: Setter mix
Sex: Female

I loved my first owner but he dumped me when I stared losing my sight. I’m a senior girl with so much love to give. I dream of sharing my golden years with a kind family of my very own. I haven’t had a lot of luck until now. Please help me find love again.