Hi I’m Rigas


About Rigas

Rigas is our big, bouncy black beauty who believes that life should be full of fun and lots of cuddles! And wouldn’t that be just great!
Our big boy weighs around 30 kilos and was dumped at the shelter, so we’ve no idea about his past. But he settled in immediately and loves every one and everything – except cats that is! Sometimes we (kindly) wonder if Rigas is not quite the brightest dog we’ve ever met, but he’s certainly happiness on four legs, a big goofy boy that’s just bursting with love and joy!
Although Rigas is an adult dog, estimated to be around 3 years old, we’ve no idea if he has ever enjoyed life as a family dog so all training must start from the beginning. He loves to play with other dogs so could easily share his home with another – preferably a robust and playful dog as Rigas is a bouncy boy! Due to his size and playfulness, it’s probably better that he is in family with older children. He’s a very active boy, so we imagine him playing in a garden but also loving his cuddles. We also believe he will love sofa-time.

Rigas’s information:

Age: 3 years
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male

I’m a big bouncy boy dreaming of a a large garden, a warm sofa and a family who will adore me. I love everyone and everything apart from cats.