Hi I’m Sampson

About Sampson

Sampson is the gentle giant of Lemnos shelter. Sadly he is overlooked because of his size but for the right family, ready to commit to his training, he will be the perfect dog.

He’s about 35 kilos – and each and every kilo is full of kindness and love! Our wonderful teddy bear.

Estimated to be two years old, Sampson was delivered to us by the island’s dog catcher, having been straying for sometime. So we know nothing about his past. But at the shelter, he’s an extremely kind and contact-seeking dog, who gets along well with both dogs and cats. He has such a wonderful and loving character who craves contact so much that we believe his future home should be one where he has very little alone time.

Sampson is an active boy who needs a family as energetic as him – and my goodness, you can’t imagine how he suffers in his small cage. Please share him and ensure that he soon will get a home of his own and get out of that awful cage.

For the right family, this boy will be a gift like no other! He is a real treasure!

Sampson’s information:

Age: 2 years old
Breed: Pointer/Harehound/Setter
Sex: Male

They say I’m a gentle giant. All I know is that I love my humans, my doggie friends and even some very feisty cats but I’ve been here so long I’m losing my sparkle. Please do you know someone who will help me find my forever home. I will be no trouble. I just want to give so much love.