Hi I’m Scruffy

About Scruffy

Scruffy is our real cutie! His red-brown shaggy fur, tousled ears, slightly shorter legs and happy, fluffy tail make him stand out among the dogs.

Scruffy recently arrived at our shelter. A couple of animal lovers found him, felt sorry for him, gave him food and asked around in the village if someone recognised him, which nobody did. So they brought him to us. And here he’s safe and very welcome! But of course we hope he’ll find his forever home really soon.

Scruffy is a young dog. He’s very kind and has this lovely joy for life, despite his background and current situation.

He thrives with the other dogs at the shelter and with the shelter cats as well. He’s also very kind towards people and loves cuddles. Since he’s so friendly and kind, we believe he can live with children who’ve been raised to respect animals.

We have no idea if Scruffy ever has lived inside a house, so his future family will need to be patient and help him learn.

We believe Scruffy, having such nice character, can live both in an urban environment and in rural areas.

He’s neutered and medium sized weighing about 16 kilos.

He’s got a medium activity level and even though he’s got slightly shorter legs, he would love to go for long walks and do exciting stuff with his owner. If he’s given support, love and time, we’re sure he’ll be a real treasure for his family.

Scruffy’s information:

Age: 18 months
Breed: Kokini / Spaniel / Retriever Mix
Sex: Male

I’m told I’m a sweetheart – is that because I’m kind to everyone even cats! Whatever, I would just like to find a forever family of my own and give them all the love I have inside.