Hi I’m Shakira (& Eve)

About Shakira (& Eve)

Sweet little Shakira is 5 years old and weighs about 9 kilos, and Eve is also 5 years old and weighs 7 kilos. Both girls have spent their entire lives at the shelter. They were dumped  as a little puppies within a few weeks of each other and became firm friends – two tiny and  terrified creatures that had clearly been abused. When a puppy arrives in this condition, there is very little hope.

But the girls know us volunteers very well now and they trust us, and we’ve all been privileged enough to see their loving sides and catch glimpses of the amazing dogs we know that they can be. Eve and Shakira are particularly close to one volunteer, our lovely Vaggelio. And recently, Vaggelio just couldn’t bear to see their sad eyes watching her as she left the shelter. So she decided to take them home as a foster dogs and see if they could grow in confidence and be ‘adoptable’.

Shakira is still a little in shock at the big change in her life but we hope she will be ready for adoption soon.

The girls are adoptable together or separately, but if separately there should be another friendly dog in their future home. Their ideal home is a quiet and experienced family, who live in the countryside with a secure garden – and have the time and patience to help a shy dog to bloom.


Shakira (& Eve)’s information:

Age: 5 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I would love a calm adult home either with my friend Shakira or with a more confident doggie friend.