Hi I’m Sheba

About Sheba

Born 21 December 2021, Sheba weighs approx 23kg and will be a medium/large build. Her mother is sweetie and her sisters are Sasha, Starla & Mittens.

Sweet Sheba is adorable! She is quite tall, slender, long body with shiny black coat. Her fur is shorter than Mittens & Sasha.

Sheba is very cuddly and affectionate, she always wants her cuddles and fuss before she’ll run off for her play time. She is both a relaxed girl who loves attention and energetic when she plays.

She has demonstrated she is quick to learn and has a gentle temperament. She is currently sharing a pen with Patch and they are getting on very well together. She is also super friendly towards the other dogs too.

She was confident in the group with the pups and when out walking she picked it up well.

She is a beautiful calm girl who would be perfect in a family. Please consider giving pup Sheba her forever home so she doesn’t grow up in a shelter.

Thank you for reading.

All enquiries to C4GP at compassionforgreekpaws@gmail.

Sheba’s information:

Age: 10 months old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female