Hi I’m Stardust

About Stardust

A local man recently found our beautiful mama Faith, living rough with her five babies, and contacted us to help her. Two of the puppies are already reserved, so it’s time to meet the remaining three! All female, they are very similar in looks and character. Sky doesn’t have white paws, Stardust has shortest legs and Aurora is the tallest of the trio.

The three girls are fantastic puppies with wonderful characters, who will become fantastic family members if trained and supported the way a puppy should be. They love playing, have no fear of the other dogs at the shelter and are used to the shelter cats. We imagine they are the type of puppies that will enjoy kids who have been brought up to treat dogs properly and with respect.

As with all puppies, their future families need to be ready for sleepless nights, pee and poo everywhere, scratched furniture, chewed shoes, long days of learning to be home alone and of course, training to walk on a lead. Right now, the puppies are well socialised with other dogs and cats, but future training will be needed to make sure they don’t develop bad habits and continue to be happy and social dogs. The future families need to commit to sterilise the puppies as soon as they reach sexual maturity – we tolerate zero breeding with our dogs and don’t agree with them battling with unnecessary hormones throughout their lives if not sterilised.

Their mom weighs circa 12 kilos, but we’ve no idea who their father is. Still, we expect that they will remain small-medium sized dogs (no guarantees of course!) The girls are first available to leave the shelter for adoption in July when they turn 16 weeks old, in accordance with EU law.

Stardust’s information:

Age: 2 months
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

We’re lovely, playful, well-socialised pups looking for our forever homes! We get on well with other dogs (and cats) and would be happy to go to a home with kids we can play and have fun with!