Hi I’m Valerio

About Valerio

Valerio is a sweet but shy little guy who has progressed so much recently we think he is ready for a family of his own!

Valerio is 3 years old and weighs just 12 kilos. He came to the shelter as a tiny pup and grew up in a cage. Like most pups who don’t get adopted while they are young, and only know life at the shelter, he became very shy.

Lucky for Valerio, one of the very few local foster homes wanted to give him a chance, and he has improved a lot. Valerio’s future family needs to have a lot of patience and love to help our boy continue his journey. He needs to live somewhere calm, outside of the city and with a very secure garden. He also needs to live with a secure and gentle dog who will teach him not to be afraid.

Let’s hope his dream family is out there!


Valerio’s information:

Age: 3 years old
Breed: Terrier/Mixed 
Sex: Male

I would love to live in a calm home, without children, with a confident doggie friend.