Hi I’m Wendy


About Wendy

Lovely Wendy is estimated to be three year old and weighs just 7 kilos. Some tourists recently found her dumped, with another little dog that we presume to be her sister, in a truly deserted part of the island. With their chances of surviving being very slim in that desolate place, the tourists kindly brought the girls to the shelter.

As usual, we know nothing about their past, but both small dogs are super social, very playful and our impression of them so far is that they are resilient little characters who could live in most active families. They have no issue with other dogs, the shelter cats, and were happy to cuddle with calm and respectful kids that visited the shelter.

Although Wendy is an adult dog, we don’t know if she ever lived inside a home. So her future family need to start everything as if she was a pup in terms of toilet training and other basic commands.

She a wonderful, fun-loving girl, and we’re sure she won’t be waiting long to find her forever family!

Wendy’s information:

Age: 3 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I’m a super sweet girl just waiting to meet my new family! I know that the lucky people who take me home will be delighted with just how lovely I am!