Hi I’m William

About William

Recently our volunteers, Fotini and Vaggelio, were called out to a scene which absolutely broke them.

Twenty dogs were found chained up in the middle of a field in the most unimaginable conditions. They immediately took an elderly blind dog back to the shelter where they are now caring for him.

They’ve named him William and we think he’s about 10 years old. The shelter is no place for any dog let alone an elderly blind dog so would love to find him a home as soon as possible.

Despite what must’ve been a very traumatic past, William is very gentle and seems to understand that he’s being helped. We believe a quiet calm home in the country with someone who is home most of the day would be his ideal. Certainly he needs to be away from very loud noises and barking dogs.

William’s information:

Age: 10 years
Breed: Setter/Spaniel Mix
Sex: Male

Even if I can’t see them I can feel my rescuers love! I have been asked to tell you my wish list so here it is……….

I would love a simple home that’s not too crowded with things. I would not mind another calm dog but please no barking dogs I’ve had so much of that. I will need time to get used to a bigger space working things out until I can remember them.

I may be fearful at first but this is just because it is unknown – I won’t always be fearful once I know and love you.

Without my sight my sense of smell is so strong – you wouldn’t believe it – so please, not a place or person with heavy smells. I would love a garden with fresh and gentle smells, to hear the birds sing and to feel as free as them.

Despite all I have been through my heart is still open and once I form a bond it will be so strong it will be unbreakable.

Please don’t feel so sorry for me, my friends went through far worse. My blindness protected me and I was just left alone and wasn’t manhandled or had to face the cruel world like the others.

I wasn’t always blind and I can still remember what the outside world looks like.

I can feel the energy of my rescuers and sense their love and care. Those first touches were wonderful and I can sense they just want to help me.

Thank you so much everyone for trying to find me that special home……..I’m so grateful and sense your kindness but please can you help my friends too.