Hi I’m Zuzu

About Zuzu

Some time ago a man called us and asked for help with three small dogs. Zuzu was one of them.

Their owners had moved away and the man had promised to take care of them until they returned. But after 20 days the owners called him and said they would not come back and that his dogs could just be dumped on the street.

The kind man didn’t want to do that, but he couldn’t keep them either, so although the shelter is totally full, we picked them up and now they are staying with us.

Little Zuzu is such a sweetheart and very easy to fall in love with. She’s a kind soul who likes to be cuddled.

She hasn’t met so many dogs yet at the shelter, but the few she has mixed with she gets on great. She is not used to cats and she isn’t very fond of them, so she’d better not share a home with them.

Zuzu can walk nicely on a leash. She’s the calmest of the three “siblings”.

She had a home, but we don’t know if she has ever lived inside a house, so a future family will have to be patient and help her learn about life in a home.

We think that Zuzu can share a home with children as long as they are calm and respectful towards animals.
We also believe that Zuzu would prefer to live on the countryside, the city would probably be too much for her.
She’s quite a small girl- weighs only about 10 kilos and is about 4-5 years old.

Zuzu’s information:

Age: 4/5 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I’m sweet, calm girl dreaming of finding a quiet home in the countryside where I can have lots of cuddles and give lots of love in return.