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Together we can make a difference!

There are thousands of small shelters all over the world whose volunteers struggle on a daily basis for the dogs in their care. Most of these shelters are way out in the sticks as the popular misconception of governing municipalities is that their very existence damages tourism.

But we know the opposite is true. More and more holidaymakers tell us they would love to help but they don’t know how to.

Starlight Barking is the voice for rescue dogs everywhere linking up animal welfare charities with those who care passionately about the sad existence of the world’s estimated 600 million strays.  With your help we have the power to make a massive difference.

Most shelters have committed volunteers but there aren’t enough of them. Even the largest and longest established rescues are desperately in need of more help. They want to get out there and neuter and re-build to provide safe environments for their ever-increasing number of strays but they are struggling on a monthly basis to find enough money for food and vets’ bills.

There are 6 easy ways which you and a group of friends can help from the comfort of your armchair and know you are making a difference to the lives of so many poor dogs.

  1. Adopt one of the many shelters which we feature here on our website and Facebook page.
  2. Sponsor – just £5 a monthly donation will make a massive difference.
  3. Share posts of dogs for adoption.
  4. Become a Facebook friend of Starlight Barking and sign up for our newsletter where we keep you updated on all the great initiatives going on to educate and resign animal cruelty to the history books.
  5. Sign-up to Easyfundraiser – select Starlight Barking Trust and when you shop on-line with some of the house-hold names we receive a donation for your shelter.
  6. If you shop on Amazon – please use Amazon Smile instead and choose Starlight Barking.

And if you’re feeling a little more adventurous then volunteer! Most shelters will welcome you with open arms as they have to spread their time so thinly that their dogs miss out on essential socialisation. Just a week or two with you giving them a little love and cuddles will make a difference to their adoption chances.

It’s definitely not for the faint hearted but we can help you with travel and accommodation arrangements and we will talk you through what you can expect and how you can constructively help without bringing home all the dogs you’ve fallen in love with!

Please sign up to our newsletter and LIKE our Starlight Barking and Travel Chest Facebook pages and let resorts worldwide know you want to make a difference. 

On behalf of all the shelters we’d like to sincerely thank all our current sponsors and ABTA, AITO and other tour operator partners who are backing this initiative.

Together we can make a huge difference!

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