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Postcards to Lemnos – Ella

Dear Fotini, Vaggelio, Anastasia and Keisi

My journey to England was the result of an amazing set of coincidences! Mum had lost her previous dog earlier in the year and had decided not to look for another dog until after her holiday in October.  She visited Lemnos that June for the second time and happened to sit next to the amazing June Corbett Newby on the plane on the way home. June told mum all about her dogs, our plight at the shelter and our Facebook page.  

Superhero Fotini and Ella at Lemnos Shelter

Mum couldn’t resist having a look at our Facebook page, eventually my photo popped up and apparently she fell in love with me – I’m not surprised – I’m very pretty!

It took a few months for my adoption to happen but finally my journey began in September with a long trip on the ferry, 3 days in Athens, a flight to Paris and a van to England. Once there, I had a to spend a few days with some lovely ladies because my new mum had, very selfishly I thought, gone on holiday the day I arrived! Finally on 5 October I was in another van being moved to my new home. I was a bit stressed but took it all in my stride. 

It took me a little while to settle in but I’m a really happy little girl and I love people and other dogs.  I’m very enthusiastic when I meet people and because I’m so pretty with such beautiful eyes everyone falls under my spell! It didn’t take me long to get them trained to understand my requirements! 

I have a lovely home and garden. I am a bit of a digger so mum’s lawn has suffered a bit but she doesn’t seem to mind too much! I have lots of toys but my favourite is “chicken” which I can throw the furthest and squeak the most!  Mums only had to get it back from next doors garden a few times. I think I do pretty well – the fence is 5’ tall! 

The only down side here is the rain but I soon made mum understand that Greek dogs do not do rain! 

I’ve now been here a whole year, it’s gone so quickly.  I hear mum met you Fotini when she came to Lemnos in September. (Selfishly leaving me again but I did have a great time at my holiday hotel with Auntie Shelley where my needs were fully catered for).  Mum so admires the work you do and she tells me how grateful she is to June, all at the shelter and all at Starlight Barking. She tells me I’ve changed her life and just between me and you, I think she’s changed mine too! 

Love to all my friends at the shelter, hope you too will be lucky like me and all get your forever homes soon. 

Love Ella (Ella means “come” in Greek.  I do that occasionally just to keep mum happy) xxx