Postcard to lemnos

BoBo – Adopt a human today!

Hi, I’m Bobo.  My hoomans kept my shelter name – thankfully, as I’m no spring chicken and remembering a new name might have been tricky.

I had a long journey from a Greek Island and ended up on another little island, the Isle of Wight!

Two ferries and very long car journeys to reach my forever home.

My hoomans, although no spring chickens (like myself) are very kind to me but, horror of horrors, they have a cat! This monster and I will never be friends but he lives upstairs so we maintain a fragile truce!

The best thing about my hoomans is the little hoomans they have.  Apparently called “grandchildren” and they are grand, I love them and they love me.

Right now for the complaints!

First off the haircuts! I have to tolerate these every 3 months, ok I look gorgeous afterwards but I hate it!

Second: they keep putting vegetables in my dinner!! I know! Can you imagine! Carrots, and horror of horrors – kale! I spit it out on the floor but these hoomans don’t learn!

Thirdly: brushing! They insist on brushing me! These hoomans go all gushy over me when I’ve been brushed but I can’t see the point!

Fourth: Water! I hate the stuff! My hoomans walk me on the beach and there’s blimming water everywhere but fear not, I don’t go anywhere near it!

Fifth: Coats! I now have a raincoat and a warm coat.  I look an idiot in them and I know other dogs are sniggering at me.

Enough complaints now for the good bits! My hoomans love me, they tell me every day, I have a comfy bed, but mostly I sleep on their settees – not sure why they bought me that bed!

I get regular treats which are very tasty, regular meals, two walks a day, lots of cuddles and they talk gibberish to me constantly!

So my message to my Greek compatriots is: get yourself adopted, life is good and these hoomans love us “rescue dogs” – as they call us! Adopt not shop so come on, adopt a hooman family!