Postcard to lemnos
Princess Serafina

Princess Serafina

Hello I promised to write you my story from living in Lemnos to arriving in England two and a half years ago.

My owner in Lemnos was an elderly lady, I had a very busy life having many puppies, then I became poorly developing a large hernia.

My owner couldn’t afford to pay for an operation, so she asked Lemnos Shelter for help.

Fotini and Vaggelio raised enough money to send me to Athens for a big operation to repair my hernia. Thankfully it was successful, then I stayed with Fotini and she looked aftet me, then my picture was put on the Lemnos Shelter picture gallery.

I wasn’t on it for long as my English mummy spotted me and fell in love with me straight away – why wouldn’t she? It was my eyes that she couldn’t resist!

Anyway eventually after a chat with Wendy at Starlight Barking it was arranged for me to come to a place called England, wherever that was, it’s all Greek to me. When I arrived at my new home this lady was waiting at her gate for me, she was a bit emotional but I new my life was going to change for the better.

Then l met my new daddy, Martin. Well he has this big black truck, he takes me out everyday trucking, its great, sometimes I  have a bit of a sulk if I  can’t go trucking with my dad, especially if he leaves me to go golfing, that doesn’t seem right but then my mum gives me lots of attention.

Sometimes I follow her round the house if she is doing chores, and sometimes we all go out to different places having coffee and treats and getting fussed by lots of people and meet other doggies.

We have a friend called Charles and he has a dog called Ted, we join them for walks and chasing in the fields.

I  am groomed every month which I  am not keen on but I smell so much better when they spray me with doggy cologne.

Thank you Fotini and Vaggelio for rescuing me. I am a little princess now and I love my new life with mum and dad.