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Bella with her pony

Little Star – Bella

We’re so lucky to have on our team some compassionate children who are doing their bit for dog rescue! One of these little stars is Bella who has been one of our best supporters since we rescued the first four puppies back in 2015. 

Bella - little star

Do check out her hilarious dog training video which she made when she was just 6!

This year Bella asked her Grandad to host a children’s show-jumping event in his paddock. Grandad Peter, didn’t need much persuasion as he’s been caring for neglected ponies all his life and has also been a long time supporter of our dogs. 

So on Sunday, 1st October many young riders from Ashwicken came out to have some fun and raise money for our dogs. They raised an incredible £800 which is going to be spent on urgent weather-proofing and roofing at Lemnos Dog Shelter for Sampson’s, Venice’s and Brooklyn’s pens which are in danger of flooding. 

Not all children are fortunate enough to have grandads with their own pony paddocks, but every child has their own special gift which they can tap into to help rescue dogs everywhere. 

Thank you to the little stars who are already part of our team and doing your bit with cake sales, jewellery making and sponsoring our dogs. Every penny you’re raising is helping to make a sad shelter dog’s life more bearable. 

We are so grateful for your support!! 

We’d love more children to join our team and use their talents to help more dogs. If they like writing, drawing, painting, baking and want to get involved please email:

They might also like to include SPONSORING A DOG on their Christmas Letter to Santa!!! 

Enormous thank you to  Bella and the Collison Family and Friends for creating such a lovely event and donating all the raffle prizes!! We’ve never seen so many!! And to Val and Geoff for generously providing the BBQ and catering. 


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