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The hoomans say they fell in love with me from a picture Wendy had with me playing with a toy in her garden in the snow. They applied for me and following checks were successful in adopting me or was it me adopting them. I ordered the chauffeur service for Saturday 13th February 2021. I said my goodbyes to Wendy and the crew and Wendy popped me in the crate and we were off.

 Immediately with the panting and howling it became clear to the hoomans that I hate cars. The lady hooman was a nervous wreck all the way home but the man reassured her it was normal for me to be a bit worried, after all my previous journey was across Europe from Lemnos. We stopped loads so I could have a calm down, a drink and some treats. 

Anyway 3.5 hours later they carried me inside, in the crate, to what they called home. They had more water ready which I drank and some food. The lady who I now know as mommy had asked Wendy what food I ate, which is the ethical brand Bradshaws salmon, trout asparagus and sweet potato, it’s very tasty and I never left any. 

Wendy had sent me with my cuddle bed which I didn’t leave much at first but mommy and daddy had got me lots of lovely new teddies and toys so I decided to investigate. I destroyed blue hippo by biting off his arms legs and tail. I carry him round now as he can’t  walk alone. I bury him in the garden too and make Daddy dig him up and wash all the dirt off him – it’s a great game. Mommy and Daddy know that blue bear (as he’s now known) is my comforter and understand I needed to chew to release my stresses.  I haven’t eaten many other bears, the odd leg or arm and my squirrels one ear but apart from that I like cuddling and squeaking them.

I haven’t been in the crate since that car journey, it’s not my thing. I’m a free spirit and need my space which translates to the large sofa in front of the TV – Daddy’s moved to the small one. Because I’m now enjoying a little walk every morning and evening I’m using more energy. I like smells and sniffing out new ones.  I always come back happy and tired.  I even like Daddy walking me now. 

You’ll see lots of photos of me on Instagram and Facebook – mommy takes them every day of me, even if she’s not that good at it. I’ve even learnt what a selfie is.

So this new pad, I’m slowly learning where everything is and how to get the parents trained. I have a garden which is great for running around, chasing squirrels and pigeons too.  I’ve also become a bit of an athlete chasing the tennis ball and playing football. I am told I’m a very good boy even though I’ve had a few accidents in the first week. They didn’t shout – just cleaned it away and that made it all better for me. They showed me the way to the garden and now I remember every time.  I’ve even learnt to woof or pull their trouser legs to let them know I need to go out.  

 I am also lucky enough to have an indoor ball pit.  This is great fun when we’re not outside and has tennis balls, squeaky balls, Kong balls and lots of others too.  Mommy says she brought them through Pet Planet using Easy Fundraising for Starlight Barking.  I love it when the door bell rings, its usually another parcel for me. The Amazon man knows me now too now.  I use Amazon Smile for Starlight Barking and get my Whimzees and Harringtons wet food and training treats from there too.  Both also bring lots of bears and toys – great service for toy delivery who knew there was such a thing. 

When I’m not working with Mommy in the office, I like TV lots – watching it in the living room.  I sit on the sofa and I bark at people walking by – I’ve not let on yet if it’s  to protect the parents or just to pass the time of day to let everyone know I’m here. 

I’ve met a few people at a distance, due to current restrictions, named Nanny Paddy, Grandma and Grandad Palmer (I also speak every day to Grandma on the phone) and Auntie Dawn and Uncle Scott.  They have a cat who played peek-a-boo with me and auntie Dawn told her off.  I don’t like cats much.  I bark at them when they’re on TV or in the garden – I really don’t like the dreamies advert there’s loads on that.  I’ve met lots of my family on Zoom calls and can’t  wait to see them in person.

I’m also looking forward to playing with some doggy pals too – I’m off to woodland play soon and mommy mentioned a few hours day care – so I get lots of interactions. Some of the dogs on my walks go there and I love meeting them. 

Most of all I know I’m loved, I’m learning that more every day.  Mommy tells me as soon as I wake up and the last thing I hear before I go to sleep every night.  

I still like my cuddle bed from Wendy and have it next to daddy’s side of the bed.  I hop in it at bedtime and listen to my Alexa (yes I have my own Alexa) which currently plays classical music for pets – it’s a great way to relax before sleep time. I move to mommy’s side of the bed and sleep right next to her and some bears. I like my blankets wrapped around me like a nest.  I have trained them to bring upstairs food for midnight snacking, I get up out of bed around 1am and take a snack and a drink – sees me through to morning.  Mommy is watching my weight I needed to put on a little bit but not to much, but with all the socialising, walking and chasing round the garden I’m using lots of energy. 

I don’t like getting out of bed, I shuffle around so I can see them in the bath room and snooze until they’re ready to go downstairs.  Wednesday to Saturdays Daddy goes out to work – I woof at him to tell him I don’t like him leaving me.  Next they’re telling me we’re working on separation so I can be alone and know they’ll always come back.  They say its important, I say just take me with you then (although not in the car please). 

I’ve been here 5 weeks now, starting to know this is home and liking cuddling up next to mommy on the sofa even though she says I snore.  Daddy he’s nice and I’m getting to trust him too now but I’m still a bit wary just yet but I know in time I’ll love him as much as mommy.   On my car journeys I no longer have the crate and have a seat belt. Daddy sits  in the back with me and mommy drives.  Daddy holds me close and I put my head on his knee but I didn’t want to let him know I quite liked his snuggles in the car.  

So that’s me – Santos Roberto (Bobby) Firmino Goodwin.  I can only say a huge thank you to Faye, Glenn, Wendy (and the welcome crew) and Fiona for my new life which I’m rather enjoying.  I’m 5 weeks in and training the parents well – they’ll take a bit more yet to get them ship shape but I’m working on it. ….Love Santos x