Hi I’m Arlo


About Arlo

What’s that? A hunting dog that likes making friends with cats?!

This handsome guy is called Arlo and he was left at the shelter together with his sister Aggela. As so often, we know nothing about their history before their arrival.

Arlo is a lively guy who is thrilled to get out of his cage and run, play and socialise with the other dogs and volunteers. He recently discovered what fun a ball and be, and now is usually seen with a ball in his mouth, looking to play. He gets along well with the other dogs at the shelter and has also greeted the cats curiously but kindly.

We have no idea if he is used to children, but he’s a good natured guy who should be fine with kids who are used to animals and respectful of them. We believe he would thrive best in a rural setting and with an active family who would love to bring him on all their hikes and adventures. He is estimated to be two years old and weighs 20 kilos. He’s not a big dog, but a stocky and heavy one.

Although he is an adult dog, we have no idea if he ever lived inside a ‘home’. So his future family need to start everything as if he was a pup in terms of toilet training and other basic commands. He’s a fantastic dog, and we’re sure he’ll make a lucky family so happy!

Arlo’s information:

Age: 2 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male