Hi I’m Delilah

About Delilah

Adorable little Delilah was found by a farmer in the middle of nowhere. She wandering around in very poor condition, looking very lost, and her fur was full of ticks and fleas. This particular farmer was someone we had helped in the past, so he kindly bought Delilah to receive treatment for the pests that were irritating her, and then contacted us to see if we had space to help her to a better future.

Delilah is still a young dog – our vet estimates that she recently turned 1 year old, and she’s also a little dog, just 11 kilos. As the young dog she is, she has lots of energy, but simultaneously, she’s calm and mature for her age. She’s a very kind, friendly and loving little girl, who loves people, gets along very well with the other dogs and also likes our cats.

Delilah really doesn’t like loud noises and gets very stressed, so we imagine her living in a quieter area, preferably in the countryside. She needs a home that likes to activate their dog both physically and mentally every day. And she would enjoy living with another friendly dog.

Delilah has most likely never lived indoors and is still pretty much a puppy, so as with most puppies you have to be prepared for sleepless nights, small indoor accidents and the occasional broken gadget. But that’s what it’s like to have a puppy!
She will have to learn a lot; to walk on a leash, to be housecleaned, to be alone at home and everything else that you want to teach her about living in a home. But with love, time, a portion of patience and the right support, we are sure that she will become a cozy family member!

Delilah’s information:

Age: 1 year old
Breed: Small Setter/Spaniel Mix
Sex: Female

I’m a small friendly girl who loves everyone, dogs and even cats. Please help me find a family to call my own. I promise to be the most loving girl you can ever imagine.