Hi I’m Luna


About Luna

Luna (and her brother Bernard) were left at the shelter with no backstory, so we know very little about their past. Judging by the size of their mom, they’ll be about 15kgs when they fully grown, but this is a bit of a guess!

Luna is a very special girl – she was born with no eyes so is totally blind, but she doesn’t let this stop her from living life to the fullest! She is very good at adapting and learning her surroundings, and runs around and plays happily like a fully sighted puppy! Her future family does need to be aware that they will need to help her learn her way around her new home and adapt training methods to suit her being visually impaired.

She gets on beautifully with other dogs, as well as cats! And she’s amazing around children – she’d suit a family with kids that she can run around and play with outside!

As with all puppies, her future family needs to be ready for some sleepless nights as she gets used to her new home, plus messing in the house, and maybe some chewed furniture and shoes! She’ll need training, like all puppies do, and will require continuous socialisation to make sure she remains happy around other dogs. Her future family also needs to commit to sterilising her as soon as she reaches sexual maturity – we tolerate zero breeding with our dogs and don’t agree with them battling with unnecessary hormones throughout their lives if not sterilised.

Luna’s information:

Age: 2-3 months old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I’m a very special girl that will make my forever family very happy! I may not be able to see, but that doesn’t stop me living life to the fullest, and I can’t wait to show my new family just how wonderful I am!