Hi I’m Miranda


About Miranda

Little Miranda is about 4 years old, weighs 7.4 kilos and recently came into our care. Her story is horrible: we heard about three dogs in horrible circumstances and begged the owner to give them to us. First he gave us Bettina – and now Miranda. But their brother still lives in hell. Just like her sister, Miranda was kept in a small cage – no physical contact with anyone or any thing, no walks, no sunshine, no freedom. The worst prison you could ever imagine. But we’ve promised Miranda that those days are behind her and now it’s just time to look to a much brighter future! Soon she’ll be as lucky as her sister Bettina who has found her forever home!

Miranda’s future family needs to understand that she has experienced NOTHING aside from a tiny cage and now the shelter. However, these little dogs have strong characters. In spite of her terrible life, Miranda is sweet, loving and trusting – to humans, dogs and cats! It’s really a miracle that she can be this way, considering what she’s been through. But still, we hope to find her a calm and loving home, with patience to allow her slowly realise just how wonderful life can be. So we’ll avoid homing her to a family in the city or with small kids.

Miranda’s information:

Age: 4 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I’d love a quiet home with space to run about and experience freedom!