Postcard to lemnos

Robbie – Hunting Dog Failure to Cani-X Champ

No-one really knows my background. Their best guess is that I was a failed hunting dog. I chase absolutely everything but am pretty awful at it, so that makes a lot of sense…..
Either way I wasn’t wanted, and in some ways was lucky to be left tied up at the shelter one cold night in January, rather than kicked out onto the streets. Fotini and Vaggelio looked after me and my friends wonderfully at the shelter, but it was cold, uncomfortable, pretty boring and the food wasn’t up to my now very exacting standards.
In February 2021 Fiona asked John and Emily if they would be interested in taking me on. She described me as happy, goofy, clumsy, energetic and sweet – I piled on the charm in the photos and videos to make sure they couldn’t say no.
I’d just missed the previous trip from Lemnos to the UK, so it was three long months at the shelter before I set off on 4th April on the long journey to Cumbria. It was miserable, but the guys at Animal Couriers took great care of us all and at lunchtime on 10th April I arrived in a little village outside Penrith in bright sunshine. Good job, because I hate the rain.
John met me as I got off the van – I was nervous, so we just sat on the driveway for a while until I’d taken in my surroundings, then went round the back for a look in the garden. After 30 minutes or so of exploring every nook and cranny, I set about discovering how much fun can be had with a tennis ball.