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Save Our Strays

SOS – Save Our Strays

Dear Rescue World and Travel World 

We think it’s time you met up! 

We are a group of friends, ex-reps who rescued dogs back in the 80s. We believe that if the travel world joined forces with the rescue world then the whole world would be a better place!

We can see that despite all the amazing efforts of dog rescuers things are now even worse than it was for us back in the day. Our hearts break for the volunteers when we see what they’re all going through. Ironically, many of them are woman working in the tourism sector.

Save Our Strays

We’ve been trying very hard to use our old travel connections to find them some support. We’ve come a long way but still have an enormous way to go. 

We have UK charity status as the Starlight Barking Trust  – named so in tribute to the little stars of rescue who exist all over the world. 

And we have 2 beautiful websites for rescues to promote their dogs for adoption and the travel world who sponsor you have a unique platform to promote their holidays.

Win-win really!! 

If you are a travel professional and would like your company to get involved and help some of the shelters in your destinations then please contact:

If you’re a shelter or small rescue desperate to get more of your dogs adopted please send your website links with your dogs for adoption to:

To the wonderful travel people who’ve helped us get this far we love you very much and couldn’t have done any of this without your generosity and support. We know you don’t like shouting about this so  we’ve done it for you on the website. 

Huge thanks to our travel friends who have shown they care. Now we just need more of your friends! 

Visit the Travel Chest website:

Save Our Strays

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