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Help make a difference to our rescue stars! There are thousands of small animal shelters all over the world battling on daily basis to make ends meet to provide both welfare for the animals in their care plus the millions of stray dogs and cats.

Our dream is to link up every single UK tour operator and their guests to shelters in their destinations. Together we can make a difference to the plight of homeless dogs and cats.

Family and friends

Stray dogs and cats need YOU!

On your next holiday ask your rep where the nearest shelter is and how you can help. If they don’t know please contact wendy@starlightbarking.co.uk and we will get this info to you. Then please ask your rep to pass this info on to their boss!

Please sign-up and tell all your friends about the Travel Chest newsletter where our team of travel professionals bring you all the latest deals from our tour operator partners who support our initiative and genuinely care about animal welfare in their destinations.

Via this website you can adopt or sponsor a dog.

Resort reps

Stray dogs and cats need YOU!

The founder members of Starlight Barking were reps like you helping with the abandoned puppies and kittens back in the 80s. We have many a good rescue story between us!

But we are sad to see that very little has changed since our day and it’s still only a handful of volunteers struggling to make a difference to the animals in their community.

We know that you will be doing long hours during the season, so getting involved at the shelters will be difficult, but you can help ENORMOUSLY by letting your guests know about us.

We can give them all the info about your nearest shelter and how they might help them.

Tour operators

Stray dogs and cats need YOU!

Please ask your office staff and resort teams to get behind this initiative. Let’s create model resorts where the dumping and poisoning of stray dogs and cats is relegated to the history books.

Please tell your guests how they can find out more via Starlight Barking and donate to the shelter closest to their resort.

Please promote your special deals on our website and newsletter and make a difference to the lives of stray dogs in your destinations. The biggest websites don’t need your advertising revenue to line their shareholders pockets……but dog shelters need sponsorship!

Please support Starlight Barking’s – Travel Chest website – you know it makes sense!!!

Every little bit helps another dog in distress.

Please donate. Every penny of your donation goes directly to fund our rescue dogs’ food, medicine and veterinary bills ensuring they have a brighter future.