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Welcoming your rescue dog home!

Hello to my new family! 
Thank you enormously for rescuing me. I will never be able to say thank you enough. But I would love to tell you some of the things I think you might like to know about me before I arrive….. 

Bruno – Lemnos Shelter – 2016

I’ve never known real love before and I might start to love you too much! The worst case scenario means I might try and take the place place of your husband/wife/partner/children/resident dog/mother-in-law…..anyone really. So please put me in my place from day one, don’t let me on beds and sofas for now, and I will respect you for it and love you even more.

Bruno – Escape Artiste Extraordinaire

Even once I’ve fallen in love with you I might still show illogical tendencies to escape. So when you see me eyeing up all the exit routes from your home this is no reference to the love you show me it’s just a pathological defence mechanism kicking in. So in the event something scary might happen I have my in-built radar connected to all your escape routes. 
Please kindly note you might think I’m only medium sized but oh can I jump and they said you might need help with the garden and boy can I dig at top speed. 

I’ve heard that you’ve been out and bought all kinds of new things for me. Thank you – that’s incredibly kind. The Rescue ladies mentioned new words like bed and toys. Well I have no idea what a bed or a toy is so please forgive me if I prefer your socks and shoes, smellier the better. I’ve never had anything of my own before.

Please also forgive me if I honk! There were no toilet facilities en route to you and I bring with you the extraordinary smell of my shelter brothers and sisters who are still waiting for their lucky break. I will be very happy to have a proper pamper party one day soon but for now please could we please stick to just a few bottles of lovely warm soapy water rinsed into my coat in the garden and I will feel great! Thank you.

I know all your friends and rellies will be dying to meet me, who wouldn’t, but please ask them to hold fire for a few weeks until I can show them my real supercool charming self with my big waggy tail.

Talking of my tail, please don’t be upset if I don’t wag it immediately. I’m needing all my energy for all the new scary things and wagging might have to be put on hold for a bit. My tail will work soon, I promise, please don’t think I’m being ungrateful – I’m just probably still a bit confused.

Jack holds 9 month non-tail wag record

That bed that you’ve bought me? Thank you. I will use it one day I promise! But for now I prefer that crate – you know the one you don’t like…… It’s my safe place – please let me go there and chill….you can leave the little door open if it makes you feel better. A nice cover over the top will help me feel even safer. You can feed me in there too. I will really like that. 

And please don’t worry if I hold onto my pee! I’ve had to hold on so long before – I didn’t want to soil my kennel so I can hang on forever if need be. Check me out – 24 hours is nothing honestly!   I will soon get into your routine if you can just show me where and when you’d like me to go. I love routine and will happily fit into yours.

We’ve heard from the Rescue ladies that you British love to walk miles. That all sounds magnificent for my future. Please do you think we could just get to know one another first. It’s been a very long journey I’m just very happy to chill a bit and understand my new routine.

Bruno and Benny – Shelter Buddies now have Manchester play dates

And when we do finally go out I will proudly wear  all the new gear you’ve got me but please could I ask one very small favour. That slip lead which you think is old-fashioned was made for rescue dogs like me! Just pop it round my neck for my first few weeks and when that first scary moment happens and I try to bolt off – the slip lead will remind me that you’re in charge and you will keep me safe.

I can already smell the treats and exciting food you’ve bought me. This is totally amazing and I can’t wait but my Rescue doggie friends tell me that my little tummy might not yet be ready for such exotic food stuff so some very bland kibble will be absolutely wonderful until we are ready for some fine dining together

I think that’s all I can think of for now but my new PA, Fiona, will help you with any more queries about my wonderful new life with my NEW LOVELY FAMILY! I ❤️ you already!

Can you imagine that I’m just a little old rescue dog and I have my very own PA and now you my very own loving family! How exciting is that. Can’t wait to meet you very soon now. 

With love from your new best friend for life!